Line ’em Up

Line em Up

Line ’em Up is a free app designed to support young student’s mastery of number order.  Students are instructed to put number blocks in the correct order on a given number line. A wide variety of options allow the app to be customized to between 10-20 tiles displayed, whether tiles are given one at a time or spread out in a pile, and which group of numbers to practice between 1-100. There is no voice narration on this app, so it is advised that initially,teachers or parents customize the settings before giving the iPad to the student. With practice however, students may be able to extend their skills and choose their own settings in the options menu or follow verbal instructions from an adult.

Depending on the settings, Line ’em Up is suitable for Early Childhood and Lower Primary.


Todo K-2 Math Practice

Todo K-2 Math Practice is a free app which includes 8 multi-level activities designed to support and increase math fluency in Lower Primary.  The play based activities include skill practice in counting, writing numerals, addition and subtraction, sequencing, and early equation building.  Each activity includes individual levels of practice (organized by grade level), but not all activities are available for every grade.   The app includes free choice and timed practice modules. Voiceover narration and how-to videos at the beginning of each practice activity optimize the app for students who are still learning to read.

Todo K-2 Math Practice is suitable for Lower Primary.


Tune Train

Tune Train

Tune Train is a free app that lets users compose simple melodies through a fun and unique interface. Students use a train to pick up passengers who each play a different note along a route. Using a finger swipe, users guide the train from one station to the other, moving horizontally across the screen to compose. Passengers/tones are organized vertically at points between the two stations; with lower tones lower on the screen moving to higher tones further up the screen. It’s easy to intuitively compose up and down the lines of passengers as users connect the train from one station to the other. Different themes, accompaniment music options, and an icon that allows users to see the composition written as sheet music add depth and breadth to this app’s already varied applicability.

Tune Train is suitable for Lower Primary and Upper Primary.

Sorting Machine

Sorting Machine

Sorting Machine is a free sorting, sequencing app that asks users to sort a series of six similar objects according to different variables, i.e. “shortest to tallest”, “lowest to highest”, as well as basic alphanumeric sequencing (a,b,c,d,e/1,2,3,4,5). The app is arranged by levels which users can unlock by successfully sequencing or sorting many series of objects.  It takes a little while to unlock each level and this “game” element has been generally minimized while using the app in a classroom setting, emphasizing instead correctly sequencing or sorting each group of objects.  It is also worth noting that there is no voice over instruction in this app so it is best suited to children who can distinguish differences between six similar objects and understand the illustrated instructions at the top of each challenge screen.

Sorting Machine is suitable for Lower Primary.