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My Life as a Refugee

My Life as a Refugee

My Life as a Refugee is a free app produced by the UNHCR, the United Nations refugee agency, that helps raise awareness about the daily decisions faced in times of crisis by millions of refugees around the world.  Although it is classified as a game, the app is more of a scenario builder in the vein of the classic “Choose your own adventure” model. Users choose one of three characters based on the lives of actual refugees and are faced with different scenarios, choices, and outcomes from the choices they make.  The app is simple but effective.  There is no voiceover narration and the scenarios do not shy away from the sometimes brutal and terrible decisions and situations that refugees may face, thus the  app is recommended for students who are mature enough to handle its content. One of the app’s strongest points is its ability to facilitate thoughtful dialogue about the real situations of refugees worldwide so it is recommended as a discussion facilitator rather than a standalone game experience.

My Life as a Refugee is suitable for Upper Primary and Secondary.