MyScript Calculator

My Script Calculator

MyScript Calculator is a free app that offers a unique spin on the traditional punch-enter style calculator.  Instead of tapping numbers and symbols into this calculator, a user writes them using his/her own finger.  The calculator is a simple ‘graph paper’ background with no buttons or clutter, so it’s imperative that users have some comprehension of the numbers, symbols, and calculations they would like to use and do. Some minor potential hangups are the lack of a zoom/reduce screen feature for longer calculations and the potential for the app to misread a user’s handwriting. Simple adjustments like left hand input and decimal place value are available in the settings sub-menu at the top left corner of the screen.  There is also a simple video tutorial included for new users. Finally, this app is for relatively simple maths calculations only. It does not accept algebra or calculus inputs and is best associated with a simple calculator rather than a tell-all of mathematical mysteries.

MyScript Calculator is suitable for Upper Primary and Secondary.


Little Writer

Little Writer

Little Writer – the Tracing App for Kids is a free app published by Alligator Apps that offers a colourful and simple interface for young children to practice tracing the letters of the alphabet, numbers up to 10, as well as basic shapes and words.  Both capital and lower case letters are available for practice.  A unique and memorable feature of this particular app is that it allows for complete customisation via the settings menu. The accents and additional letters found in most languages using the Roman alphabet are present and users can customize all the words, letters and numbers by recording their own voices, which makes this app completely customizable to a number of languages in addition to the default English.  Note that there will be some considerable time needed to completely customize the app, but it is very easy to do.  There is also a companion paid Little Writer app that offers phonic sounds.

Little Writer is suitable for Early Childhood or students practising the basic fundamentals of a language.