Drawing with Carl – Free

drawing with carl free

Drawing with Carl – Free is the free version of the popular Drawing Carl app. The simple, open-ended art palette features a variety of drawing and painting tools: pencil, pen, marker, oil, pastels etc. There are also limited stamp and sticker options that come in the free version.  Upgrades to tool widths and sticker and stamp varieties require a paid in-app upgrade.  Fourteen colour options as well as easy drag and drop recycle and saving options make this app’s interface ideal for younger students.

Drawing Carl – Free is suitable for Early Childhood, Lower Primary and Upper Primary.


MoMA Art Lab

MoMA Art Lab

MoMA Art Lab is a free app produced by the Museum of Modern Art that challenges users to creatively use shapes and colors in imaginative ways to produce art or practice fundamentals like line, shape, form, colour, space, repetition, and symmetry. The Art Lab app has three main modes. The default mode is a free form rectangular space where students can use a variety of shapes and a pencil tool with varying widths, both available in 36 colours, to explore and create. The two other modes are accessible by the green and orange circles at the top left corner of the art space. The green circle with a lightbulb icon gives a series of creative prompts to get ideas flowing and is an excellent way to familiarize students with artistic and technical capabilities of the app, for instance using shapes to create familiar objects and exploring the drawing, pinching, and rotating finger skills that are the basic elements of interacting within the app environment. The orange circle with the scissors and pencil icons features nine activities that familiarize Art Lab users with some of the MoMA’s most famous artworks, artists, and their techniques.  Other helpful in-app features like voice-over narration, camera and gallery increase this app’s usefulness and  general applicability in an educational setting.

MoMA Art Lab is suitable for Lower Primary, Upper Primary, and Secondary.