Pic Collage

Pic Collage

Pic Collage is a diverse free collage, design, and social networking app that lets users create design collages with pictures, video, graphics, frames and backgrounds. Pic Collage has many levels of interaction and an internal social network, but for educational purposes, it’s easy to enter the app, click on the + icon and add pictures, text, video to create a collage with the many themes, backgrounds, graphics, frames and color options available in Pic Collage. The app does have a school module that disables social media functions under ‘Settings’ in the iPad. (Note that you must access these from the Settings app icon and not from the PicCollage app itself). Pic Collage also offers many ‘packs’ of extra features available for purchase, but we have chosen to only use the wide variety of free features at ISL. Collages can be saved to PicCollage’s internal library, emailed or opened in another compatible app. As school users, we often just take a screenshot of finished collages and save them to the iPad’s photo roll bypassing Pic Collage’s saving mechanisms entirely. Pic Collage’s wide variety of features and many creative uses make it a fun app for students and teachers alike.

Pic Collage is suitable for Lower Primary, Upper Primary and Secondary.


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